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Corrie helped position us effectively with key audiences, raising our profile and making us more influential.

Corrie has the ability to clearly identify the needs of an organization, lay out a plan, and then deliver results quickly

Corrie was an invaluable partner in my transition from public to private sector. I highly recommend her as a career coach

Corrie impressed me with her down to earth, yet always strategic and insightful manner of probing my thoughts

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Corrie Shanahan helps executives in global companies rapidly optimize performance, increase productivity and successfully manage transitions.

She supports clients with a range of services including: executive coaching at the senior level; leadership development; and succession planning.

Her clients include senior executives and their teams in organizations including Mars Inc., Discovery Communications, and the World Bank among others.

delivers tremendous value for her clients

Prior to setting up her own business, Corrie was Managing Director, Global Marketing & Communications at the Institute of International Finance, the global trade association of the financial industry, with 500 members in 70 countries, including 72 of the 100 largest banks in the world.

Previously she was Head of External Communications at the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, with assets of $80 billon and operations in more than 100 developing countries.

At IFC she led a global team responsible for corporate communications and brand marketing.

She led IFC’s Women’s network and helped recruit women to the boards of its investee companies.

Her career has included being chief spokesperson at the United Nations Population Fund in New York; leading Delta Airlines’ communications and investor relations in Europe; and covering international news as a journalist for NBC News and Reuters in Moscow, London and Jerusalem.

A native of Ireland, Corrie graduated from Trinity College Dublin and speaks Russian, German, French and Spanish.

She has been quoted in the New York Times, Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review.

Corrie lives in Washington D.C. with her teenage son Sam, and their well-meaning beagle, Patsy Cline.


Leadership Development

Helping clients optimize team performance, develop leadership capability and improve team dynamics and alignment.

Executive Coaching

Helping clients manage transitions, opportunities and challenges. Creating the life and career you want.

Strategic Communications

Helping clients position themselves in the market, raise their profile, and become more influential with key audiences.

Crisis Communications

Helping clients navigate a crisis; providing advice, developing strategy; working with reporters, stakeholders, and board as needed; crafting talking points and statements.

Strategic Planning

Developing and implementing strategic plans for clients, resulting in clearly-articulated corporate goals and concrete plans to achieve them.


Corrie Shanahan has a unique combination of expertise in communications, strategy, and leadership that make her a compelling speaker for your audience.

Working for organizations like the World Bank, IMF, United Nations, Delta Airlines, Reuters and NBC News around the world, she has the experience and insights to help you motivate, innovate, and lead change in your company.

From the newsroom in Moscow to the boardroom in Washington, her experience as a communicator, strategist, and business leader allows her to deliver tremendous value for your event.


Topics Include:

  • Authentic Leadership – moving ahead, staying yourself
  • Building a personal brand: How to be more visible and influential
  • Leading and Sustaining Change: Delivering long term results

  • Professional Legacy: How will you be remembered?
  • Reputation Risk: Protecting the firm’s reputation, building your own
  • Thriving at the Top: Renewal and focus. Who supports you?

Teaching Salary Negotiation Skills at American University

Teaching Crisis Communications at IESE’s MBA Program

For more information on booking Corrie as a speaker, please contact her at: or 202-294-4697



Corrie helped position us effectively with key audiences, raising our profile and making us more influential.

Corrie impressed me with her down to earth, yet always strategic and insightful manner of probing my thoughts. She was a terrific partner to work with during a critical transition in my career.

Corrie was an invaluable partner in my transition from public to private sector and move into the next phase of my professional life. I highly recommend her as a career coach.

Corrie has the ability to clearly identify the needs of an organization, lay out a plan, and then deliver results quickly that greatly benefit the organization and its clients.

Corrie is a highly skilled facilitator. She has the ability to connect with even very large groups of people and create an environment that is productive, constructive and really enjoyable. I highly recommend her.

Corrie Shanahan has terrific expertise in understanding a client's long term goals and in thinking strategically about how to position a firm in the marketplace. She was instrumental in helping Atlas Mara manage its initial appearances with the global banking community in a way that strengthened our brand and created value to our business for the longer term.

Corrie has helped us get attention for the good things we do, that helps our organization attract members and means we spend less time on recruitment and more time implementing our mission and delivering for our members.

Relevant and impactful is how I would describe working with Corrie. We worked on the things that mattered most. This led to practical change, which was very impactful.

Working in emerging and frontier markets often presents challenging environmental, social and corporate governance issues. Corrie has tremendous experience dealing with those issues and the sound judgment needed to manage reputation risk in some of the world's toughest markets

Corrie built a communications infrastructure for the IIF that greatly improved our ability to serve our members. She increased customer experience at our events, while also growing revenue. She made our staff better communicators. Our members really noticed the difference and appreciated the stronger brand and visibility.

What I really like is her global perspective. It’s very difficult to find people with a global perspective and yet in operations like Mars, that operate in almost every country in the world, it’s really important to coach people to operate in a global environment.

To work with Corrie was one of the best choices I made. Whether you are seeking a boost in your professional career or a change of path, I highly recommend her.


Typical Client Results Include

Increased name recognition and brand visibility

Improved performance of management team

Increased inquiries from investors and media




That glass ceiling is receding, not getting closer

I was speaking with a coaching client this week who was describing new appointments in her firm. She had noticed that although a number of women had been given senior roles, most of the new jobs had gone to men and ALL of the women had been assigned to non P&L positions. In most companies people with responsibility for profit and loss have more power and prestige than colleagues in support functions.

In case anyone thinks things are improving, let me remind you that women still earn about 20 percent less than men for the same work*. The number of women leading Fortune 500 companies has actually dropped and in 2016 hovered at 4 percent**. And what seems like progress often isn’t. Longitudinal studies now show that when women start moving into professions in large numbers, the average pay in those professions starts to decline*. How depressing is that?

What can you do? You can point out the inequalities in your company whenever you can. You can ask to see data on pay for women and men in your company. And you can supoort other women. Female partners at a law firm, with whom I recently met, have started affirming other women when they make interventions in meetings by saying things like “That’s a good point” etc. They had noticed that men did this all the time but the women didn’t and often their points were being ignored only to be made later in the same meeting by a man and then applauded.

What can you do to bring the glass ceiling closer?


*Occupational Feminization and Pay: Assessing Causal Dynamics Using 1950–2000 U.S. Census Data, by Paula England, Asaf Levanon, Paul Allison, Oxford Journals Volume 88, Issue 2, pg 865-89

**Fortune Magazine, The Percentage of Female CEOs in the Fortune 500 Drops to 4% by Valentina Zarya June 6, 2016



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